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i think a stage 3 or 4 hpf is coming to eurofest

Originally Posted by funkboy316 View Post
Seriously though look thru the bumper at the drivers fog and you can it has methanol or not, that will let you know it's at least a stage 2.......if it has the oem fuel rail it's a stage 2.75 or under.....other than that you would have to climb under the car and what size snail it has . There are other differences between the kits but those can be an upgrade on stages lower.
and i know 2 other hpf cars from different car clubs are coming i just want to know the difference from stage 2 to 2.5 and 4... i know the difference on the s/c cars because i have one of those lollllll
but thanks alot now i won't look to stupid to the owners i will at lease know what im looking for and where to look....
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