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MY first carbine class

This was my first carbine class, and a friend of mine flew down from NJ to join me. Iíve never been in the military or had any other training of this type carbine. If any of you guys have specific questions, please feel free to ask.

Goals for the class
Role of the repeating carbine/rifle in combat.
Selection considerations and attributes of weapons and accessories
Gun handling that works in a 360 degree environment
Sling techniques, mounts and dismounts
Load & Reload methods
Transitioning to the handgun
Precision engagement
Multiple engagements
Shooting on the move
Field firing positions
Snap shooting techniques
Fire and movement drills
ECQB with the carbine/rifle

BCM Lower with Sprinco Blue Buffer Spring and H2 Buffer
Spikes Upper with Battle Comp 2.0
Eotech XPS2-0
MS3 Sling
Glock 19 with Trijicon HD sights (orange) and Vickers extended mag release
Brokos Battle Belt with HSGI Taco mag pouches and G-Code Holster

My friend used a LWRC Tricon with an ACOG.

Actual Round Count
Over 600 rifle Federal XM193
Over 100 Federal 9mm

Class time
10 hours

Going in I was a bit worried that I wouldnít perform to the best of my abilities. Last month I crashed on my mountain bike and sprained my shooting wrist and ended up with a herniated disk (L5/S1). I wonít bore everyone with a minute by minute synopsis; Iíll touch on the high and low points. We started the day with some simple pistol drills, so I was going to test the wrist out immediately. I was pleasantly surprised, as it held up fine and I shot well so I knew that I would be okay for the rest of the class.

High Points
- Using my gear the way it was intended to be used.
- Understanding my gear placement and how to adjust it to better suit my needs.
- I was able to practice techniques that I had only seen on video.
- All of the different drills.
- Three Little Kittens; this is a drill that was created by Kyle Lamb. The instructor takes three ARs and purposefully creates a malfunction in each one. They are placed down on the ground next to each other and the student must go to each one and fix the malfunction and then put two rounds down range before moving to the next.
- By far my favorite drill was with working with a partner. We were ten yards apart, and about ten yards from the targets behind cover, with more cover about ten yards behind us. On command, we start firing and have to communicate with each other while moving forward and back, covering during the move and covering while the partner is reloading. When the rifle ran dry, we transitioned to pistol. This drill basically incorporated everything that we did throughout the day into one massive shoot. We did the drill several times, and had to take brakes because the guns were so hot we could not handle them anymore.

Low Points
- Both instructors were former military and Iím not. Iím not used to being instructed in the ďforcefulĒ manner that I found myself in.
- Sometimes we received conflicting commands from the instructors.
- There are usually several ways of getting the same result (tap/pull magazine, racking the charging handle, etc). I would have preferred a more open mind to different techniques.
- About half way through the day my wrist started to tighten up on me. As a result, it was difficult to hold some of the positions.
- I need to lose some weight from my AR. That ***** gets really heavy when holding it up for more than a minute.

My takeaways
- I need to figure out how to better manage my frustration when I donít perform well or donít perfect a technique immediately. This was very evident during the malfunction drills.
- All of my gear worked flawlessly.
- I have some adjustments to make on the Brokos belt. This is the current set up (although I had added a second pistol taco in the first molle strip after this pic was taken):

- I would like to remove the two pistol tacos and move the second rifle taco up to that spot. I will then mount one pistol taco on each rifle taco. It was a bit difficult to reach back to the second taco where it is currently mounted. If a class calls for me to carry more mags, I would mount another rifle taco where the second one currently sits. If not, I would leave that space open.
- I will move the dump pouch from the six oíclock to seven. Itís very uncomfortable when you are lying on your back or sitting in a chair.
- Itís very important to stay hydrated. I was guzzling water all day long and only pissed once.
- My friendís LWRC performed well. During the partner drill where we had sustained shooting, his rail got so hot where the gas is expelled he had to switch to his forward grip.
- Regardless of the temperature outside, I will always wear pants. I burned my calf twice from the BC while transitioning from primary to secondary weapon.
- One of the instructors called me a ***** for lubing up my BCG prior to shooting for the day. He stated that he hadnít cleaned or lubed his in months. His rifle stopped working half way through the class.
- The Battle Comp was excellent at keeping me on target and mitigating muzzle rise.
- The Trijicon HD sights on the Glock were money. Sooo much better than the stock sights.
- The muzzle brake on my friend's LWRC was a *****. It really sucked shooting next to him.

Overall, I was very pleased with the class. After ten hours, we were dreading the hour and a half ride home because we were both completely exhausted. I will definately take more classes in the future.
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