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Hello, You are right Bobby 330xi, drilling that bolt out is a PITA, the lower strut body on the XI has a groove cut into it. You have a very small margin of error to remove all of the 10.8 hardness bolt, yet not pierce the strut. It took me 3 hours of hell last night to get it out. i removed the strut top mounting bolts and put the whole thing on the bench to work on. i didn't realize the strut had the groove. Moral of the story is don't snap the bolt off in the first place. I ordered a used assy from Ebay. But then Rickna said he had one too. Just to confirm, the hub should have no wobble or play at all right ?

I have something else to admit that Im ashamed of but i will post it to help other. I think that i put the oil seal backwards into the differential. now I have to get a new seal and install it correctly. Not too smart.
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