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Was it a beginner level, or advanced level?

I have some observations/questions. I have never taken this course, so I'm looking at this from the outside and making an outsider observation, so please excuse me if I go overboard.

My friend used a LWRC Tricon with an ACOG.
Which ACOG was it? BAC model? Did he have any issues running a magnified optic versus others running non-magnified? What ranges did you shoot at?

Actual Round Count
Over 600 rifle Federal XM193
Over 100 Federal 9mm

Class time
10 hours
Did you feel like you learned a lot with this round count? Given that it was 10 hours, I can't imagine you spent a lot of time on any one specific skill, but rather put more time into the overall skillset.

- Understanding my gear placement and how to adjust it to better suit my needs.
Most people wind up adjusting their setup on the first brake. Did you? Were a lot of others?

Low Points
- Both instructors were former military and I'm not. I'm not used to being instructed in the "forceful" manner that I found myself in.
Was it just them telling you what to do, or was it them yelling at you? What kind of students were in the class?

- Sometimes we received conflicting commands from the instructors.
Like what? This is often times an indication of people who don't have their **** together and created a hodge-podge of training. Other times they may just be off of their game.

- There are usually several ways of getting the same result (tap/pull magazine, racking the charging handle, etc). I would have preferred a more open mind to different techniques.
What were some things that were done that you didn't like? There are two types of curriculum that instructors use- A way, and THE way. Did they teach their was as A way, or THE way to do things? Did they explain why they did what they did?

- I need to lose some weight from my AR. That bitch gets really heavy when holding it up for more than a minute.
What kind of things were you doing to make weight an issue?

- It's very important to stay hydrated. I was guzzling water all day long and only pissed once.
You can never have enough. I also like to use Camelbak Orange Alert, as it has electrolytes. Or as we call it, "Camelcrack".

- One of the instructors called me a ***** for lubing up my BCG prior to shooting for the day. He stated that he hadn't cleaned or lubed his in months. His rifle stopped working half way through the class.
What did he say when his gun took a dump? Good job lubing your gun. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind believing that lube isn't necessary in an AR. Kinda seems like these guys might have a ways to go in their own development. Even NiB coated bolts need lube. If an instructor had said this to me, I'd be pretty pissed about it. Something like that is basic stuff- makes me wonder about the quality of the instructor that said it.
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