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Originally Posted by vI6ious View Post
I had the Bimmerworld solid motormounts and they were a bit to loud at normal idle creating some vibrations that I didn't like. I could have raise my idle RPM but instead I reverted back to the OEM M3 motor mounts.
Are you talking about the mounts in the link in the post above yours?

They are not solid.
I have some time to think before i must decide. I would still like to hear some different mounts being used out there to help me to decide which ones I will eventually buy. I really an hesitant to buy purely solid mounts. I think there must be plenty strong mounts made in delrin or poly. Perhaps the Bimmerworld mounts. I would love to hear more. My goal is maximum strength with minimum deflection, noise and vibration. ie the best compromise.
Figure on a 800+rwhp car.
Thanks to everyone who posted so far. Good info.

I am kind of thinking something by AGK. They seem to be the "go to"company right now for mounts in a wide variety of hardness levels.

My tranny mounts are new UUC blacks with limiting cups BTW.

Transmission Mount Enforcer concept, but do they work?

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