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wait my car is my very day car and in the north east

Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
I dont know if it matters for s show what stage HPF the car is. Like has been said, there are so many other markers to do like aftermaket strut bar, all AN fitting fuel system, color matching under hood compasnents, or polished ones at least.

You can have a little stage one that went to town that will visually blow away a plain Jane Stage 4. ...unless you are awarding points on power made. You need a dyno for that.

Car shows are pretty superficial....goes back to the Koni/dirty Motons thing.

Often a top winning car is never driven, its trailered to every event. Whats the point?
i have one of the top show cars...i usually place and win at car shows....because i have mod's in
engine bay..... ect.
but im one of a kind lollll

and to answer you my other judges told me that the perf. is going by h/p thats why i wanted to know about your turbo's.. i think we are going to have a dyno at the show but don't hold me to it.... im in the area of the show thats my job...i am just trying to bone up on the turbo's.. so i can be fair...
i hear their are going to be a few 997 their also.... but we are expecting around 1,000 cars.. we are going to try to run in like bimmerfest for this year.. the one on the east coast...
i hear their is a guy in the new york area that is geting a stage 4 hpf turbo
with 900+ h/p..... he should be wright up their with h/p i would think...

but thank you all (the hpf cars for giving me your comments)
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