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I use ThinkorSwim (pre-TDA merge so I have the old pricing which is much better than the new TDA prices) for most option/equity/futures trading. Even with the new prices it's about the best for options, TradeKing is about the best for equities right now on it's own. Overall, TDA is still about the best overall platform for non-paying platforms if you want charting/equities/options and futures, though their futures execution is fairly slow making it not great for very short term trading. For options you should look at the ThinkorSwim platform (free even with a paper account) combined with OptionsHouse. For best execution + price + research of equities then I'd go for TDA with ThinkorSwim with TDA for research/charting and go with InteractiveBrokers for equity trade execution and pricing.

All of the above is assuming an individual trader not making enough trading to pay for proprietary software to speed up execution, charting, or individual functionality.
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