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Did they do a zero at the beginning? If so, what zero did they use?

As far as doing things different ways, that's going to happen with every course you take. Each instructor will have a different method. I personally prefer push-pull on the magazine, as I have seen slapping the base of a magazine cause double-feed when seating on an open bolt. I hit the ping-pong paddle to release the bolt, but some instructors believe in yanking the charging handle. Jeff Gonzales (former SEAL) of Trident Concepts is big on pulling the charging handle to release the bolt. He also indicates that you need to have a proper charging handle to do this, like a BCM or PRI. I am going to a TRICON class later this year, and while I don't like the charging handle technique, I'll do it while at class to give it a shot. Even something as little as immediate action drills varies by instructor. I'm a push-pull-rack-n-roll person. Some people teach tip-tap-rack. It's all about what works best for you for the most part. Some stuff works better, some does not.

In reading the course description, it sounds like this is more of a "survey" or "Intro 100" type course. When you go into 2- and 3-day courses, you will get a much higher level of training (usually), since you can dedicate a lot more time to each individual skill. When you said this:

My takeaways
- I need to figure out how to better manage my frustration when I don't perform well or don't perfect a technique immediately. This was very evident during the malfunction drills.
Your frustration is likely a product of you being asked to perform a skillset without first mastering each individual skill. This is the fault of the course and instructor, not you. The thing to take away would be to consider breaking this down on your own and understanding how each particular skill is best performed. Frustration definitely plays a mind**** with you, and that will screw you up. More than anything, I'd be willing to bet that you need to slow down. Hell, we all do. Slowing down is the best way to make sure we're doing everything we need to do, correctly. We just amped up and caught up in the moment and we start hurrying, and then shots start going outside and we start sucking the moosecock.
Don't beat yourself up over this. The fact that you came out of the course with an understanding of what you're capable is enough to indicate that you probably took away everything you could from the course.
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