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I finally got the rest of the bolt out of one of my struts today. I ended up using a carbide ball end mill and ground out the bolt with that. My new Bilsteins showed up 3 days early, so it looks like I have a project for the weekend.

Here is a little trick to make it go faster next time: drill from the threaded end of the bolt. Cut the bolt in half with a cut off wheel or hack saw between the opening in the steering knuckle. This way you can drill through just half of the bolt and then drive out the rest once you have your hole drilled in the threaded section.

I almost bought that front strut that was on Ebay on the '04 XI with about 106K miles on it...but ended up talking myself into going with all new stuts, top plates and bump stops.

I thought the new Bilsteins come with the spring perches already on? Mine didn't come with them, so I have to reuse my old ones.

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