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Sorry - english is not my first language (its my third language). I might have used the wrong words to discribe this.

Anyway - what I meant is that a pulley should spin smooth and steady. It shouldnt move on its axis or make rattling noises while it spins. But then again - if a pulley stops in a turn or two - its either brand new or totally out of order - judging by this you would have to replace pulleys all the time, too

A good but old/used pulley can spin freely - whilst not having any play at all. In a brand new pulley there is a lot of sticky grease on the bearing that inhibits the spin - thats why it stops in a turn or two. That doesnt happen if you have a good pulley thats been in use for 50.000 miles. But again - I have already had cases in which a pulley went bad - destroyed the belt and caused a mess in my engine compartment - the car only had 30.000 miles and was only 3 years old

So - yeah - I change pulleys in 100.000km cycles and when I do I change all of them...
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