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Did they do a zero at the beginning? If so, what zero did they use?
Yes, 50 yards.

In reading the course description, it sounds like this is more of a "survey" or "Intro 100" type course.
Yep, like I said, I wanted to get my feet wet before going into a two or three day.

We just amped up and caught up in the moment and we start hurrying, and then shots start going outside and we start sucking the moosecock.
Absolutely. Step by step I was fine, but in the heat of the moment is when brain lock occured. I'm happy to report that I didn't earn the moosecock patch for a magazine falling out.

I'm interested to hear if Jeff runs the LWRC Tricon during the class, since he put it together, and that's what my friend was using. It ran well, with the only issue being the heat build-up around the top rail where the gas is vented. I guess it's a trade off, hot lower reciever or hot rail. He had a forward grip mounted as well so he switched to that (broom handle grip), where I never had to switch my grip at all. But I guess that's another discussion all together...
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