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Originally Posted by 68 View Post
no i haven't measured the mounts.. i will change them if necessary. i always thought bad motor mounts make noise and vibration.. (we will see)
It depends how bad the mount is.. The OEM mounts (like the majority of OEM bushings) are wear items and should be replaced ~100K miles assuming normal operating conditions, this mileage could be shorter/longer but that's a general rule of thumb. Even if you don't have any abnormal noise/vibrations the mounts could still be shifting under hard acceleration/braking which can lead to other parts wearing prematurely. There are certain parts that I agree "if it ain't broke don't change it" but I would highly recommend changing the mounts if they are at that high of a mileage. I guarantee at that mileage your mounts are squished down a good amount and once you change them you will definitely see improved feel/response when driving.
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