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Originally Posted by SL Blak Soldier View Post
You can delete the smog pump with the oem blocking plate. However unless you get it flashed to the euro tune you will have a CEL. If you have the flash or not, you wont be able to pass smog. When they smog, they test the smog pump electronically via obd2. If it isn't there it automatically fails, not to mention that visually it wont pass because it isn't there. Headers with cats will most likely pass the sniffer as long as the cats are good enough. you will get a CEL for the lack of post cat sensors and even sims wont work. sims don't take into effect the leanness that happens when you are off the gas and the RPMs are falling. (That is my current problem). The 2 ways to make it pass with headers and aftermarket cats are moving the post cat sensors to after the cats (my sensors are seized so I can't even do that) or to buy a LC-01 (?) Programmable wideband, and just program it to output the correct readings according to the precat o2 readings

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so basically what you are saying is dont fvck with it! Lol
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