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Had my D99 installed for about 6-8 weeks now. I love it. Sure there are some downright crappy aspects and irrtitating bugs but I knew they were there before I bought it. The iPod playlist thing where it sorts playlists by track name NOT playlist order is particularly annoying, but never mind. When it works its so good I could forgive it anything.

I do have two remaining odd issues.

Sometimes, perhaps 1 in 5 times, when I turn the car on the Dynavin doesn't turn on. I have to switch it on with the power switch.

This one is odd. Remember that guy with the E46 who said he thought his Dynavin was interfering with his climate control and we all told him that wouldnt have been the case? Every since installing the unit, every so often my climate display turns off and back on again sometimes at random. It's infrequent but directly co-related with the installation of the Dynavin. Seems to be behaving a bit oddly since the install...
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