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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
I thought I would add to this thread. I have been talking via PM with a member here about my transmission mounts. I am bringing this up because for a proper discussion IMO, we should be addressing BOTH sets of mounts at once...motor and tranny.

I emailed UUC about my Gen 1 questionable tranny mounts. I asked them if they would send me N/C their Gen 2 mounts in black for the transmission.

I am also considering Rogue Engineering heavy duty street mounts for M3 transmission. I dont know why they say dont bother for an SMG. Does anyone know why? I have SMG and it needs same mounts as 6 speed AFAIK.

End result..maybe:
Motor Mounts: Bimmer world
Transmission Mounts: RE

What do you all think?
RE says dont bother for SMG in the Idea your installing them just to get rid of the chance you might misshift in the 6speed. you can still get them and they will fit for the smg like you said. and since your upping the tightness in front its good idea to make the tranny side the same.
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