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Originally Posted by Dare32 View Post
That is good idea. I'll do that when I get home tonight, car is in a garage,cold, so it will be ready for testing. I live in MA and only one not ready monitor is allowed in this state. I have 2, secondary air and evap. I even had to bring my car to the rmv center because i had more than 3 attempts to inspect it for sticker. They tried everything they could to get it ready, but that was unsuccessfull.

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I found an official E46 requirement for EVAP test.
You need to follow these requirements by teeth.
Fuel level should be 1/4 to 3/4.
Engine should not be started for 5 hours before test cycle.
Car need to be driven more than 20 minutes.

So drive to work taking at least 20 mins or longer, then let is idle for 3 mintues to complete the test. Do same when arriving home. Note that EVAP leak is tested every second time the conditions are met.

BMW official guide for
Model: E46 equipped with M54 Engine
Production Dates: M54 B30: from 6/00, M54 B25: from 9/00

The ECM only initiates a leak diagnosis test every second time the criteria are met. The criteria
is as follows:
Engine OFF with ignition switched OFF.
Engine Control Module still in active state or what is known as "follow up mode" (Main
Relay energized, control module and DME components online for extended period after
key off).
Prior to Engine/Ignition switch OFF condition, vehicle must have been driven for a minimum
of 20 minutes.
Prior to minimum 20 minute drive, the vehicle must have been OFF for a minimum of 5
Fuel Tank Capacity must be between 15 and 85% (safe approximation between 1/4 -
3/4 of a tank).
Ambient Air Temperature between -7 deg C & 35 degC (20 F & 95 F )
Altitude < 2500m (8,202 feet).
Battery Voltage between 11.5 and 14.5 Volts
When these criteria are satisfied every second time, the ECM will start the Fuel System Leak
Diagnosis Test. The test will typically be carried out once a day i.e. once after driving to
work in the morning, when driving home in the evening, the criteria are once again met but
the test is not initiated. The following morning, the test will run again.

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