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Originally Posted by TxZHP04 View Post
Actually torque would be more relevant and the ESS TS2+ is just shy of 300 ft-lb at the rear wheels, so in the same ball park as a HPF stg 1 on 91 octane. If you're running a 1000 hp setup (600-700+ ft-lb), you're probably going to need solid mounts but I'm not sure at what output level anything less than solid starts to give out.
My bad. Yes, torque. IDK at what level solid motor mounts are needed either.
Chris recommends the HPF solid mounts which is the safest way to go really in say a Stage 3 HPF. I still would like to try the bimmerworld mounts first. I am willing to take a chance on them. I dont think they would have catastrophic failure. Its something that could be monitored?

In most cases I like guaranteed safe or overkill. Except when it comes to NVH. I want to try the least aggressive item that will still work. If the BW mounts lasted a year, it might be worth getting them. I forgot to ask Rob 43 using those mounts what his torque output was. In any event, the mounts look like a great place to start.

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