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Originally Posted by jeremy0000 View Post
Hi Greg,

I restore glass professionally, and I use a water-fed makita rotary buffer. It has a variable speed of 2000-4000 rpm. I am very skilled in polishing glass, I understand how to move the buffer and maintain enough polish to avoid burning the glass.

Is this rpm range safe for polishing car paint? -or should I pick up a PC DA. I have an old truck I can practice on before I take it to the BMW, but I figure you would know best. Thanks for your expertise!
You certainly can use a rotary buffer to polish but we don't recommend it for applying a sealant or liquid wax. In general I recommend a PC or the Flex for most users because there are risks with a rotary buffer on the paint. Since you have plenty of experience with it I think your transition to paint should be relatively smooth.

In general we recommend people new to polishing start around 900 RPMs to be safe. As they become more experienced 1200 - 1500 RPMs is a more normal range. Even though you have plenty of experience with the buffer I'd still recommend starting somewhere closer to 900 - 1200. If you leave the buffer in one spot for just a few seconds it's possible to burn the paint easily. Check out our polishing section of detailing guide to read more about using a rotary buffer. Lastly I would recommend getting a 5.5" pad with a 5" backing plate instead of such a large pad, for more control and safety. Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll be happy to help.

Greg @ DI

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