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Originally Posted by bluewater87 View Post
The Bimmerworld engine mounts are currently on backorder, doesn't say when they will have stock. Edit: called and asked, they could not give me a date, but said should be in soon...
What type of material do these mounts utilize? polyurethane?

Are AKG's polyurethane motor and tranny mounts a no go then since they're polyurethane?
motor: (#MTS368MM) "for street or performance use". Polyurethane 80A (straight bolt-through).
tranny: "Group N Transimission mounts - Polyurethane 80A" (#GNTM 3036)

Seems like the BW engine mounts, along with the RE tranny mounts are the best choice for some added rigidity, while attempting to keep NVH etc. low, and staying away from polyurethane.
This is what i'd like to get, but the damn BW's are on backorder.

What about FCAB's?
AKG #FCN4609 (polyurethane 90A) "recommended for race street or high performance use". thoughts?

What about RTAB's?
AKG #RTAB369 (polyurethane 90A with aluminum sleeves) "recommended for street or performance use". thoughts?

ps, while doing my 4.10s & subframe reinforcement install, pretty sure i'll be going with:
for subframe: AKG #SF469 (polyurethane 90A/Black)
for diff: AKG #DM463 (polyurethane 75D/Red)

My techs recommended AKG black for sub frame. We went solid on the diff which may be a mistake. Some how we missed the poly diff mounts. are they fairly new. How do you insert the mounts. Arent the EOM ones in the diff sealed in the rear plate? The only replacepable mount is the forward one. Maybe the rear diff plate gets machined?

Back to RTABS: I was recommended AKG RED as strong enough for Stage3. But who knows? I always liked the sleeve concept but was told "no", install the "reds". Dont take my techs word for everything. See if there are other opinions.

I have good old Power Flex FCABS. But AKG recently has gotten better press over all for their poly mounts. Safe to say go AKG for FCABS. Red is probably just fine.

I would love to hear more about the differential and adding poly. I remember coming up with no options a year ago when i looked.

we pretty well have beat the motor mounts to death. Might as well talk about other mounts. Its good to have them all work together. I know I was told not to mix solid and other types of mounts on the diff.

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