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Originally Posted by mindofarock View Post
Didn't read thread.

Divide gear into two.
Backpack = survival gear
BodyArmor, Machete, Fire starting kit, Water filtration, First Aid, Guns/Ammo, Paracord, Multi-tool, Map/Compass, Canteen

Dufflebag = comfort
Socks, Gloves, Thermal Clothing, SleepingBag, Tent, MRE/WaterPackets, MessKit
pick up a protractor for your map and compass. You'll want more than one canteen. Get a solid e-tool. Some rope that will support your weight + equipment on top of the paracord.

Compile this into one bag as much as possible. There's nothing worse than trying to carry two bags overland. Leave out the thermal gear, and add it if necessary when you need the bag (if you're in a situation where you are literally running out the door and grabbing the bag on the way out, let's face it, you're probably not prepared for what's outside anyway). Don't pack your bag to as heavy as you can carry, leave some room to add stuff that you may think of before leaving/stuff you may pick up on the way. Be able to carry the weight comfortably for long distances (I'd say 10 miles).

Tent, maybe, if it's very small and very light. If not, just get a basic poncho.

Add a flashlight and some batteries. Search for flashlights with the longest life, not the brightest light. And get something that uses a common battery (AA, AAA). As much as I love my Surefire, batteries can be tough to find.
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