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Originally Posted by speedcrazy1532 View Post
Are the compression socks graduated compression?
Hi - No, they are not. This was a conscious decision on our part after talking to some people in the medical field that explained to us why graduated compression can be somewhat of a farce unless you have almost perfect, cookie cutter, foot size to calf circumference ratios. In other words, a size medium graduated compress sock may provide graduated compression if you wear a size 9 shoe and have 15" calves. Conversely, with that same shoe size and 17" calves (like me), they aren't going to provide graduated compression.

As a result, we decided to have non graduate compressions (which are cheaper to manufacture) and keep the costs lower to our consumers.

If you do have very normal foot / calf ratios and would like any recommendations for a good brand of graduated socks let me know.

Thanks for the question.
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