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I've got a few questions about my D99 WinCE unit.

1) When using the Windows Music Player, whenever I select reverse the PDC display comes up and I hear the PDC beeping, I then select a forward gear and the unit gets confused about what Media input to play - it will switch to whichever one of the 'Dynavin board' inputs was last selected even though it shows the Windows Player on screen and was playing from this source before reverse was selected - is there a way to fix this or do I just have to make do with the ugly Dynavin USB player?

2) Is there a way to auto-dim the screen at the night or do I just have to hold Mute down for 3 seconds?

3) When the unit is forced off i.e. the key is removed from the ignition it makes an aggressive loud thud noise where the audio cuts out, Is this normal as it doesn't do it when turned off by pressing the left nob?

4) Have there been any other V5 firmware updates other than the 2010 one on the Dynavin forum?

5) Every time I start the car or power up the ignition the Navi clock is always an hour slow of the Dynavin clock even though I changed them to match the last time the unit was powered up?

6) The steering wheel controls for track forward and track back don't work properly on the WinCE side of the unit? Whenever they're pressed they just mute the audio (doesn't rewind or fast forward it before you suggest this) much in the same way that pressing a button on the WinCE system would, pressing a button doesn't case the music to mute as I've changed the settings as instructed. Any ideas?

7) I've had the unit in my car 4 days now and it has lost the stored FM frequencies twice but because it isn't every time I turn it on I assume its not the storage battery common problem, or is it? The favourites appear on the 6 buttons but pressing them all results in the radio just sticking to the default frequency; any ideas?

8) I'm running iGo Primo 2 on the NAVI side but it is temperamental with starting up, sometimes it will load perfectly in less than 10 seconds, othertimes it won't even open and the WinCE freezes so I have no choice but to press NAVI to exit; unless the unit is restarted WinCE will remain frozen but even then it will just do it again until I take the key out and start the ignition again; does this happen to anyone else?

Other than these issues so far so good, enjoying the unit!
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