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Originally Posted by ChicagoRY View Post
dear "i write complaint letters to game shows guy,"

I hear 87 referred to as "regular" and "unleaded" and "regular unleaded" interchangably. All automobile gas starts off as what's referred to as "unleaded base stock." They have to put things in it to add more octane rating. They actually will only produce 2 grades for a 3 grade pump, the middle grade is mixed on the fly at the pump proportionately.

"internet-forum a-hole guy" lol
They do that for the stupid people that have a sign on the car that says UNLEADED FUEL ONLY (even though it is virtually impossible to buy leaded fuel anymore) and the stupid people see pumps marked REGULAR, MEDIUM, and PREMIUM. "None of them say UNLEADED, which should I use?" Like the blonde that fixes mistakes on the computer with white out.

The proper question is, PREMIUM OR REGULAR FOR AN '04 330?

The answer is, use the gas specified by the sticker on the gas cap, or fuel filler door. The caveat is, a lesser grade is fine, the car will adjust the engine timing as needed to support what you put in. There is no point in using a higher grade, the car will not run better with better gas, but it will tune itself to the lesser gas if you put it in.
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