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Thanks for the suggestions. I've seen the bypass thingy and thought about it... I guess what I'm really wondering is if anyone has any thoughts about shortening the intake for the blower. Just looking for things to consider that I might not have thought of (I don't claim to be any sort of mechanic). Do you guys think that if I move the filter to close to the MAF there is gonna be any issues with turbulence etc.?

I sometimes wonder how much of the benefit of a CAI is from just putting a less restrictive intake on the engine as appose to actually sucking in the colder air from closer to the ground. Who knows, maybe shortening the length of the pipe in a forced induction setting will result in better air flow and I'll actually come out ahead.

If it doesn't sound like I'm getting any red flags from you guys I'll probably just hack down the intake so it sits right behind the drivers side headlight clean up the edges and call it a day.

@zhp43867 - Pardon my ignorance, but how would pre-wrap help?

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