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Originally Posted by rustbucket View Post
I have a e46 328i with a AA level 1 supercharger. I'm considering cutting the CAI snorkel down so it sits just inside the engine bay instead of near the bottom of the front bumper to avoid the dreaded hydro-lock.

Can anyone think of any reason why this is a dumb idea? I can't imagine that the CAI actually adds a lot to the blower hp gains especially considering how warm the air gets after the compressor. Plus hydro-lock = 0 horsepower.

I'd like to hear some thoughts on my plan before I do it.
Would your modification reduce intake pressure (as the SC would see it?). If it does, you will not be making as much power. Reduced intake pressure is caused by intake piping restrictions, ie sharp pends that interfere with air flow or bottleneck areas.

An intercooler is an option to cool compressed air...

Is there a specific reason you are worried about hydro-lock? Do you live in a rainy area?

I would almost want to say, if you are worried about hydro-locks in general, it's better to buy a 4x4 or something more off-road. Maybe a boat.
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