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Originally Posted by dan92neale330ci View Post
Ah k, well in the boot has what i think is the radio unit (it has 4 paired speaker wires going to the amp) to which i have put line converters on yo run an aftermarket amp. i havent seen any antenna cable in the boot or anything but. so in theory i can just run my own rca from the dynavin to my new amp put an antenna.extension cable in if needed. Is that the only thing the fakra cable is for?
correct...the fahkra harness is basically the same harness you would get in the dynavin box but an extended version. If your car has factory navigation there is no room behind the radio for the wires, therefore it is in the back. The fahkra harness is only for those with factory navigation.

If your talking now about DSP, you basically have an amplifier in the back that is being sent digital signals from the head unit to amp. Installing an aftermarket head unit now will not be recognized by this amplifier. That is why you need to connect the after market amplifier to the head unit using RCA' connections. The speaker wires now will be directly grounded into your amplifier
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