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Ok, I wasn't thinking clearly at first, maybe because I didn't know the engine wiring has been chewed up and I just found out about it.
Now that I removed the air box assembly and such out of the way, I see that the frame was bent in before due to the accident and somewhat of a repair has been made.

I think this explains the missing DSC and the ripped up wiring harnesses. Because one of the wiring harnesses (I believe picture 4 with the connector) plugs into the DSC module. (I am almost positive it does)
Since I have two messed up and chewed up wiring harnesses, I want to start by replacing those two and getting a DSC and plugging that in.
The reason I think I cant get a crank when I turn the ignition on is because the positive terminal under the hood that goes into the engine is not plugged in yet. I just found that cable under the air box assembly.
And since harness is in such bad condition, I don't want to try and crank the engine. I am afraid something might catch on fire or short out.

I got the factory options from thebmwpartsstore couple weeks ago. It is indeed a SMG so there is no funky business there.
I knew the car did not run, and they didn't state that the vehicle ran when it came in to the auction.
I totally understand that it is in sh1t condition, but I would love to see if I can run the engine first before starting any body work.
I am pretty good with electronics, I can work my way around things and fix them properly but I don't think I want to try and fix this harness.
Especially after I called up the dealer yesterday and they told me $480 for the engine wiring harness. (Seems reasonable) Now I have to find out what the DSC wiring harness is going to cost me, It goes thru the firewall to the modules behind the glove box I believe. I might even take the dash out and see whats going where..
Here is the plan

So I think the first step is to find a wiring harness, or harnesses in this case.
Get them from dealership for 10x the price (to make sure everything works fine in the harness)
Find a exact same DSC module (which leads me back to the still unanswered question 4 of the original post)
Plug everything in and try to crank.

In the meantime, I will keep you guys updated, please don't be shy to share any knowledge or experience.

Thanks guys,
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