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Originally Posted by jasonbimmer View Post
internal pressure is true however its not that strong. I installed my Bilstein rear shocks. they were kinda easy to compress. not like one finger but they were compressible.
but a normal person only weights 180 lbs and one shock can be pressed easily with 100lbs but your car weights 3600lbs, thats 900 lbs per wheel.

Figure 100 lbs can compress one shock, multiply that by two and that's 200 lbs of pressure.

Go grab the underside of your rear fender and lift with your legs with the same amount of strength as you'd exert lifting a 200 lb person. You're going to lift the car a bit.

See what I mean?

Compare that 200 lb of pressure in new shocks to the old shocks which don't even have enough pressure to push the shaft all the way to the end of its travel.

The reality is this: The bilsteins have the ability to lift the rear of the car. That's fact. I'm just trying to explain why in laymen's terms. There is simply no other explanation other than the internal shock pressure. It's a tube, with a shaft, and some pressure. There's nothing more to it. Pressure is what does it.

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