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Originally Posted by vaio76109 View Post
This. IMO, the GC Koni single adjustable kits are damn good for the money, but I wouldn't go beyond 650F/700R springs. Their SAE hardware does frustrate the hell out of me though. TC Kline is also good, but is somewhat more expensive last I checked.

Good idea, at minimum upgrade the FCABs the RTABs. Check all other mounts and bushings, especially engine and trans mounts.

For the love of god, don't get BCs or Racelands.
I wanna start by saying that in no way am I fan of BC coils but for the money I can't argue that they are a good option. The only problem I see with them is build quality, other than that you can get a DA coilover custom valved with linear race springs (of your choice) with the option for a true rear coilover. They also come with RSM's and camber plates. You get all that for the same price as a GC/koni setup that you still have to buy plates and RSM's for. So I think for the money and as a beginner setup they could be a good choice.

Why do you feel that they are so bad.
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