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Ok, for starters I am aware that a good majority of people are not into the whole "stance" idea and that's cool. I'm not here to push it onto anyone and I respect your opinion on it. I'm also not looking to be told how silly it looks over and over. Agree to disagree. lol. That aside, here is what I am trying to do. I have a 2003 325xi Wagon. From the research I have done it seems like several people have said "it's not a good idea" but there is not much more detail then that. I have purchased a set 18x10 et25 wheels and 225 40 tires. Also, becuase KW is almost the only company making coilovers for the awd wagons I have ordered those as well. I have mounted the 18x10's on the car with the current stock suspension and there was no issues besides obviously needing to pull some negative camber which may be just enough by lowering it. There was about an inch from the inside wheel bead and the front shock so hopefully the KW's aren't a ton larger in diameter of the stockers. I am really looking for someone to tell me exactly the reasons why it won't work at all or for someone who has done it before and can confirm it will work. Until that I suppose I'll be moving forward with the trial and error. Again, I'm kind of just intrigued by the challenge of what several seem to think will be difficult or next to impossible. I'm also not a stubborn idiot so if someone knows more about the idea and can say definietly that "this is why it cant be done and you will not be able to overcome this" then I will have to go less aggressive with my setup I suppose.

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