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First of all stance looks like sh!t and you look like a moron for doing it.

Now with that out of the way, I doubt it'll work from a purely physical point of view. With a stock height car, there is enough space for a ET25 10" rim to stick out (no matter how retarded it looks). When you lower it or, god forbid, slam it...that space goes away. Without the ride height, you will run into fender rubbing issues pretty quick.

Second of all, the reason that people say coilovers are no good on an xi is because they severely limit the available suspension travel. They work well on an RWD car because they inherently have more suspension travel to work with, an Xi has a lot less. It has nothing to do with blown up drive axles, all that will happen there is a loose boot allowing the grease out. Stay on top of it, and you'll be fine there. But without suspension travel it'll ride like crap and beat up the body/shock towers/suspension mounts/your back. Not to mention the previously noted rubbing issues. Also, if you like to drink things while you drive I suggest you change your habit before you go to coils.

Ugh, I can't believe I'm answering a stance question.

At least you asked nicely.
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