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well thanks for not going too harshly on me. lol. Like I said, I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea and that's totally cool. I've gone down many different routes with builds from lifted wranglers to built street cars. This is just somethign new I haven't done yet and want to try out. Why not try it on something less done. As for the fender rubbing issues. The car is scheduled to have the fenders rolled and pulled May 9th. I would think that should increase my "lowered space" quite a bit. I am just assuming now that I will need to adjust camber around a bit so front camber plates will be ordered as well as rear camber adjusting kit if those are available. I look at ride quality, fender rubbing and those sort of issues as "relatively cureable" things to run into. By "thats a bad idea and cant be done" I was looking more for issues like the front axles binding from harsh angles or something not really "cureable".
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