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Thanks a lot whooty! So far the people who have said not to do it but haven't given reasons why not have just been motivation. SamDoe1 has been the first person to actually back up his opinion which gives him a lot more respect from me. It's good to hear someone with a sedan has gone this route. I'm not sure what the difference is suspension wise between the sedan and wagon xi's. I know KW had different part #'s for each. If the coilovers just plain out don't leave enough room for 10's up front I can use another set of XXR's I have that are the same exact wheels only flat bronze and 8.5" up front 10" rears. That's the back up plan I'd really rather not have to use. As for pictures, I can bolt them up this sunday and snap some. When I originally bolted the wheels up on the car a 35 series tire was on the test wheel and it just wasnt enough sidewall for me. I really think the very first pothole and BOOM the wheel would be gone. Plus even though a 40 an 35 isn't a huge difference, thats just a little bit lower I don't have to go with a car that seems like is already going to be a pain to get low enough. keep an eye out for the photos this weekend. I dont think I'll bail on this project. The problem you will have with me, if anything, will be selling it as soon as I have it just how I want it. I have a habit of being bored as soon as I meet my goal.
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