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It used to be a option for the GRP series, Since the GRP is more geared as being a "working gun" for somebody like swat or government contractors/black ops there was really no need for a commander length for those type of people.

The Talon series is more of the police/CCW gun so they started making commander Talons and did away with the commander GRP, they kept the standard GRP because its there tough as nails no frills fighting pistol, plus its one of there best sellers.

It's actually a pretty rare gun, they only made a hand full of the GRP commanders and even less bobtailed. I'm sure they would make you one if you wanted but it would cost a arm and a leg and take several months.

All in all when it comes to nighthawks the guns are all the same internally, reguardless of the model there still built with the same match quality. The difference is almost always cosmetic in nature or something like different sights.

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