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Originally Posted by Elwin View Post
Do you have Automatic or Manual?

If you have manual you would have two electric fans. Check if they start when you car gets hot. There are two fans - in the front of radiator for the A/C at the back for the engine.

If automatic A/C fan is electrical and engine fan is mechanical driven by the belt and mounted on the water pump. It has viscosity clutch. When your car gets hot clutch must engage and fan must start spinning full force.

If you have a lot of pressure in the cooling system then this is a head gasket problem. Sometime no water is in the oil, but water disappearing though cylinders. Sometimes ini this case you can get hydro-lock when starting the car.
i am having the same problem,
mine is automatic fan does not go full force?
should i replace the fan or could it be a sensor?
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