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Originally Posted by tailo View Post
Ok I just tracked down some history behind my gun.

I emailed the guy who owned it before my buddy bought it. He sent me this email.

"Its made in 2005-2006 , combined, 3 owners, 1st owner was Redskins Michael Deshaun Williams. 2nd owner me, 3rd owner you prolly know. "

I did alittle research and came accross this thread on another forum, judging by the small marks/blemishes on the frame/slide grips its the same gun.

Apparently this GRPII was owned by a redskins football player, he bought it 6 months after he was signed for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now I've got to contact this guy somehow and see if I can get a autograph and a leter stating that the nighthawk was his.

THAT is a BIG man.

Sorry guys, I think I'm going to keep this one for a bit longer.
That is downright cool, as is the information you posted earlier on the run of commanders.

I used to have a friend who was very high up in the Jags organization, but not any more; she left not too long ago. As far as thevredskins are concerned, I do have a contact there, but nothing significant enough to get you in contact with him unfortunately.

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