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Originally Posted by steifan View Post
323 is supposed to have smaller diameter discs front & rear so I do not
that this method works as the caliper bracket probably has to be replaced entirely.

Stock disc sizes (source: )
This will work on the front as the spindles are the same on all these cars, only the caliper & carrier change. Since you are swapping these out for m3 units anyways it shouldn't change a thing (for the front anyway).
Originally Posted by Dan330Ci~ View Post
Nice work, I take it you are using 330 discs? Or are they your originals?
You could use 330 discs but be sure to compare the minimum thicknesses of 330 vs M3.

I've been wondering about this for a while: do the M3 calipers have different connections to the brake hose? I have Goodridge SS hoses and would hopefully re-use them if I did this type of swap. The other problem I could forsee was that if the connection to the caliper is different, you may try M3 hoses but then the connection to the hard lines may be different

I'm using full e46 m3 system up front. I wouldn't try to mix and match caliper/carriers to different rotors as it could lead to offset issues and/or brake pads falling out of their housings when at minimum thickness.

I was suggesting it would be cheaper for 325xi people to use 330i rear setup as a cheap bbk since the xi already has the larger drum/parking break setup, which isn't the case for 323/325/328s than going m3 brakes which requires swapping the rear trailing arms (still working on this)

i used my factory brake lines up front with no issues.
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