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Originally Posted by Ghostie View Post
Some motha****er with an AR opened up while I was downrange putting up my targets this afternoon (he would later claim he didn't see me).

Never mind that we'd been under a cease fire for a few mins, and I was standing on the 7yrd line, just a few lanes away from him.

One moment I'm taping up my targets, the next there are rounds whizzing by me. Needless to say my adrenaline is still up

The there was the other idiot shooting next to me, with some ridiculous side port brake that gave me a headache every time he fired (he should have gone to the rifle only section)
Where was this? Monitored range? Thats ridiculous and he should immediately have been thrown out. About the brake thing, that's tough...I may end up being that guy though, as I'm planning on throwing one on my SBR.

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