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had a guy walk out infront of me once picking up my brass at the end of the day. I was about to pull the trigger and my scope went fuzzy, look up and his head is 6 inches infront of my muzzle.

Same guy would walk out on a hot range with 20+ people shooting to check targets at 100 yards. He would fire 1-2 shots, then walk up the center of the range....range goes cold, he would fire 1-2 shots again and walk back.... 3/4 of the time we were there was waiting for him, literally 1 minute of shoot time to 4 minutes cold. People were getting PISSED and this went on for hours.

He was confronted multiple times, warned, people got frusturated and left. I was there for about 8 hours and by the end of the day not everybody stopped shooting when he walked up to his target.

Had one strange old guy who looked exactly like Ned Beatty from shooter (crookid teeth, tan hat and jacket to!) come to the range with no guns, he was just looking around. Walked up to me when I had my m2 out. He asked me about it, asked about the cost of ammo, then got PISSED when I told him what ammo costs. Started ranting and raving shaking his finger, red faced and spitting at me saying how "STOOPID" I was in a NY accent for wasting money like that, then he said "Being rich must be nice" turned and walked back to his car.

I about DIED laughing, senator Charles F. Meachum was going postal about the cost of ammo for my gun! At first I thought my friends were setting me up or something but nobody ever admitted to it.
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