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Originally Posted by tailo View Post
Actually I believe the police were called, nobody ever showed up though...its a NF range way out in the boonies.

Only time we ever seen a "cop" was when we were up there after dark messing around with night vision, tracers, and jugs of gas. They came to shut us down as we were packing up. A friend of mine had a PS90 with a fake can, cop rolls up and starts giving him HELL over the can, practically calling him a lier. Made him take it apart to prove it was a slip over.....

I just wanted to see his reaction so I claimed we did not have any lights and needed his help to grab the last of the stuff. The Ma duce was WAY down at the end of the range and his dim little mag light could bairly make out the shape.

About 5 feet in....What in the hell is that?
10 feet in.........WTF
15 feet that???
20..........Thats a F%^&in Ma Duce!!!

he helped me remove the barrel, untie the rig (its tied with two straps so recoil wont launch it off the back in to your lap), and lift the mount off the bench. Never asked for a tax stamp or nothing and even called his backup over to check it out..

"You gotta come see this!!! You will probably never see one of these in real life again....

Clift notes, buddy got hassled over not having a stamp for a fake can and I practically got sucked off for a belt fed fifty....My buddy was mildly annoyed.

Not really a horror story but it was funny as hell.

I always wondered who enforced the Tex stamp thing; I didn't think average cops knew anything about it.

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