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1) It was a public event with discounted dyno, but even then the techs were hooking up ignition wires. It's not hard to get to the ones in my car, so I was a little irked about it. But hey... what can I say? It was a fun little event all around (I should post pictures of the Civic with the turbo as big as the motor itself ).

2) I feel like Shark is probably going to be the only way I can go, primarily because I have no other means of transportation while my DME is out and about (assuming I go the Active Autowerke route). I could always just take a couple days off work, though...

3) Why Shark over AA? I've never really seen a firm answer between the two (and will probably never see one since some people swear by one or the other). I've yet to see any firm numbers on AA's software on a naturally aspirated application. We all know they're proud of their superchargers and the numbers they produce... so why not NA? Is it that bad?
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