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My Ride: BMW E46 328 ci '99

This weekend I fitted my M54B25 manifold to my M52tu 328ci. Attempted to do it on my own on Saturday (big mistake)! I managed to take the manifold off at the end of the day dropping various nuts and bolts in the engine bay, what a difficult mod this is. Next day a friend helped me fit the bits from the old manifold to the new one. Again an all day job, what a nightmare to do. ICV wouldn't fit in the bung on the new man, I nearly short circuited the starter motor with the positive clamp after trying to get it back on! Could only alter the throttle cable so much, so throttle will only open 3/4 open. There is still to much slack, so have left it for now until I can have another weekend to fiddle with it.*

Once everything was back together, one turn with the key and fuel spurts out of one of the injectors! Another 1 hour fixing this. Try again... cars starts but sounds like a washing machine with engine light on, and wont idle properly so after 2 minutes I cut the engine off.

I start it back up and everything magicaly works fine, which is odd (still engine light on though), I take it for a test run and after its warmed up its feels so much smoother. It seems to pull a hell of a lot more from 1500 RPM, but top end seems to be the same as before, which I think is down to the throttle body not being able to open fully, it does idle so sweet now though. engine light did go off after 15 mins.

Left it day and started to drive to work and engine light came back on and engine sounded rough again! 10 minutes later it was fine again.

How long does it take for the ECU to recalibrate itself to the new manifold??? Is the engine just throwing a wobbler because I've ripped it to bits then put it back together again???

By the way if anyone wants a TB adaptor plate for the M54B25 to M52tu engine. I have a spare one I can sell you.


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