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Originally Posted by Ethaniscool View Post
How about adding stiffer bushings to the whole suspension system?

At that price, Id look into KW V2's
Umm no. No comparison to GC or TCK, especially if he is trying to get rid of body roll.

Originally Posted by ECSTuning View Post
FK Konigsports or FK SilverLine Plus X both use Koni adjustable shocks (great quality and easy to dial in), the Konigsports are very budget friendly. You can check out both HERE

He asked for a good "track" suspension on a budget. Not the cheapest thing you sell.
Originally Posted by steven747 View Post
I have the best setup for 500 bucks raceland fronts b&g springs the rear with bilstein sports.. Sway bars and powerflex poly bushings up front handles like a beast
Please stop. If you came into tech inspection and you had Racelands, I wouldn't let you drive. 4srs

OP you aren't going to see much, if any improvement over what you have unless you go to something with a linear spring like the GC or TCKline kit. Both are similar in performance and price. (I prefer TCK) Without going to a double adjustable or full race shock, these two are the best packages available under $2k.

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