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Originally Posted by Wraisil View Post
Title II weapons are either AOWs or Class III weapons for the most part, so it's not surprising that she called them Class III. Relative to Class III weapons (complete), RDIASs are about as common as a mint 1963 Ferrari with 0 miles on it so I'm not completely surprised by his lack of knowledge regarding them. The vast majority of the firearms community refers to regulated weapons and parts based on the "class" they fall in from what I've seen. Almost every firearm forum I'm on has a Class III section and none have a Title II section.

If you had bought and sold hundreds of Class III weapons and never a RDIAS you would probably consider yourself pretty knowledgeable on them, even if you didn't know about every individual Class III item available. I'm just trying to give some perspective. Finding a RDIAS for sale these days (especially at a reasonable price) is rare than a broke fat kid finding a gorgeous chick willing to sleep with him.
I understand the perspective and I tried to have some of that myself. But it was his unflappable confidence that he was correct that got me. Look, over the past 10 years at least, I'd argue the the AR15 in a full auto form was one of the most desirable and sought after Title II machine guns out there. There's only three ways to have it: the RR, the RLL, and the RDIAS. To have someone who is supposed to know this stuff treat me the way he did is still laughable. With his prices though, I doubt he moves much.

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