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Originally Posted by White_Knuckles View Post
If she's going low and stiffer with the KW's, I'm pretty sure beefing up the strut towers and shock mounts is in order. Forces and energy transfer will change adding stress to known weak spots. Preventing mushroomed towers or torn rear mounts is a must. Man, that thing may look cool but will ride like a buckboard. Forget about trying to drink a beverage while rolling.
What do you mean by beefing up the shock tower mounts? double plating with steel plates? bracing bolted in?

I didn't get a chance to bolt up the wheel and take picture this weekend unfortunately. But today the tint was installed and the grille was broken and falling out (like i've seen on alot of these cars) so I spent $15 and made a cheap fix of it that actually looks pretty good. Also, first pics without the roof rack as well.

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