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Originally Posted by LoveBeingUseless View Post
Well I certainly appreciate your honesty. I love the roots of BMW and I am quite familiar with the history and heritage BMW has. The "Stance" scene is one that has a lot of variety. Unfortunatly, you don't see much care taken with a car as you do with other die hard enthusiasts.

The stance scene is kinda largely divided up into people with money and people without. As someone stated before. Doing things right doesnt require a ton of money. It requires patience, research, and knowledge.

I'm glad that I am able to share my car and what it means to me with all you guys! I really appreciate all the feedback and I thank you again for your honesty!

More to come!
Couldn't agree with this sentence any more. I've owned my car for 3 years now and haven't done anything "mod" wise. I was actually about to buy an M3 right before last christmas as a gift to myself until some lady rammed into my passenger side of my car. After that happened, it made me appreciate my car even more than I do and I finally came to the conclusion to keep my car and ordering a bulk of parts this weekend. I've had 3 YEARS to research and see what everyone else has been doing to their cars so trust me, I'm very patient, and VERY prepared

Good advice to the new guys on here for sure. If you enjoy your car, make it how YOU want. I decided to go with the lightweight/track theme, some people are stanced, some people are all about speed. This is why the BMW community is so diverse and I love it

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