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My indoor range is in Colorado, great for the winter. Not a public range, but a private range with dues. Granted, being a member for many years, my range is awesome. The staff and gunsmith is great. We have strict safety rules and I never have any problems shooting. I dump 400 rounds every week at this range. Yes...sometimes people next to me get spooked when I shoot my Desert Eagle .50 AE, and some hate my Glock 20C 10mm. They normally get used to it. Sometimes the guys shooting a 22LR next to me get a little mad...but they know there is no reason to complain. This is also a Class 3 range. Personally, being a 20 year retired military guy...I like it if something catches my ear...I want to check it out. I have let several people who wondered what my DE 50 was about and let them shoot it on my dime. Yes, you will always get a grump next to you, and sometimes I feel bad when a young kid is next to me with his dad teaching him how to shoot a 22LR.....I have a few 22LR myself...do I feel guilty sometimes shooting some of my stuff next to a kid..sometimes, but not really. I pay the same price they do. IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THE NOISE OF GUNS.....GET OUT OF THE RANGE AND GET A BOW.

I also use a outdoor range for my long guns. Those are great for kids and people who hate the noise.

Indoor range....I am immune to anything under a 45.
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