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Originally Posted by sprintman View Post
Email beveronoils@optusnet.com.au

You didn't look too hard did you so here are all the details you need and he's looking forward to having a chat.
For somebody that doesn't exist he sure sounded pretty chirpy this morning!

Ron Stasinowsky
Beveron Forklift Service
12 Parer Street
Reservoir VIC 3073
Mobile no +61 414 264 443

New business from same address will be Rolee Australia, web site available soon.
sprintman, you and Ron have been in business for 10 years and now he has a new business, how about getting your business partner Ron to come on this forum and he can PM me, I still have a feeling that something fishy is going on here since auto-rx has only 7 customers that it has sold product to in Australia. I also do not believe that the Chiese are trying to reverse engineer auto-rx since auto-rx only has 2 customers in China.

There was a guy named FalconLS that was an auto-rx distributor in Kuwait, he started out with 72 bottles of auto-rx back in 2007 and as of 2012 he still has about 52 bottles of auto-rx, I have a hard time believing that auto-rx is sending about 6 cases of auto-rx to Ron and sprintman every year, that is 144 bottles of auto-rx, how many forklifts does Ron have, what is he using auto-rx in the forklifts for, how come we have never seen Ron on the Internet, probably because you are Ron, sprintman and Ron are probably the same person. I think sprintman is just trying to promote sales of auto-rx and he is probably getting free product for posting about auto-rx, I should know, I was once a Paid Poster For Auto-Rx just like sprintman, the only difference is that he started before me and I wised up when I realized that auto-rx did not work as advertised.
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