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Originally Posted by Rush4theYehO View Post
So a friend and I went to a local indoor range. Wanted to take a few handguns out to get in some practice. We stroll in, and it was honestly one of the worst shooting experiences I've ever had.

-Gun display jockey (50 yr old) is hovering over the handgun case explaining what an awesome shot he is. He's blathering about how worthless polymer guns are and why I should only shoot Sigs and 1911's. I ask for a M&P with manual safety, he saunters up and tells me how shitty the gun is. I ignore his presence completely, thank the employee and walk away. This same moron starts making analogies about Escalades and M3's when looking at hunting rifles and sniper rifles
-Once we hit the range downstairs, there are these 2 mexican gang-banger looking kids. They're rapid firing like crazy with a Taurus and Bersa. I was about to just pack up and leave, but they finish their ammo and pack up.
-Other stall next to me is a dude & his gf - they've got their target at 5 yards and it's so low to the ground I can see his gf skipping rounds off the ground.
-Range was poorly ventilated, i ended up blowing up black snot
-Range was holding a class next to us too. This guy has 3 students learning about shooting pistols. For some reason, he has them shooting buckshot down the range in their stall....stupid. Said retard's 3 students have ZERO inkling as to the proper grip/stance/technique to shooting a handgun. He continues screaming range commands to which these guys don't even understand! They're looking around, confused, and he continues screaming the same term over and over again. I can't take this - quickly finish up my last few rounds and gtfo.

What kind of range stories have you guys had? I'm seriously contemplating joining a private range because of this.
where is this shooting range so i can avoid it? (if it's in LA area)

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