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Originally Posted by 02black330ci View Post
Game the "F" on brotha, I have no doubt you will accomplish your goal and then SOME! Game face is "OFFICIALLY" on....!

Originally Posted by vI6ious View Post
sounds cool, can't wait to see it on the come up, and big ups to Chris for stepping up with the offer/bet!
I'll be documenting it all. Yes that will be a huge help having the block/pistons/rods.

Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
Need location of said driveway. Who has a trailer? This is pretty amazing.
Peninsula of the Bay Area. I have a trailer I can use.

Originally Posted by Commanderwiggin View Post
Guess I know what I'll be doing next time I come for a visit This is like one of my dream projects minus the driveway...I still like a roof but w/e Good luck I know you can do it!
Kenton's seen my drive way.. he knows what I'm up against.

Originally Posted by Patrón Vader View Post
doesn't the guy with the blown motor in dallas have two or three extra cars. i know he was parting one or two of them. hit him up, i know he has a shell for sure. good luck with your build. Sell sections of the hood for username sponsorship. I want to be the first.
This is a awesome idea! I can sell sponsorship in 1inchx1inch sections.. so you can have like 12inches by 2inchs for like $100. Or something like that.

Originally Posted by Forcefed M3 View Post
This is so amazing! Good luck to both parties! Loser buys the winner a drink at the Mfest after party! However both parties can't leave us all hanging for a year, a few teaser pics will help!
Noone will be hanging!

Originally Posted by 02black330ci View Post
You are 100% correct.....

Here you go Marcus.

I found the M3 already. I'll likely be picking it up this week. I needed a head so I had to buy a fully functional one. I can keep the block incase something happens.

Originally Posted by HPF Chris View Post
It was great to see Marcus and the ProEFI guys. We spent quite a bit of time talking since our cars weren't competing. Maybe a blessing in disguise. Marcus is a very generous person and offered to pay me back for them if he lost next year even though I offered them to him without any conditions attached. Either way it will be awesome to see him and Fallon go head to head. I'm also glad Marcus will be driving. Building and Racing your own ride is one of the best feelings.

Yes, I'm very excited!

Originally Posted by need4spd View Post
Sounds like a nightmare building it on a drive way with cheap tools.
I do what I can, with what I have.
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